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These are great events for both the casual and competitive player, as you'll be able to play epic Dot A matches at times that are convenient for you! Check in will be open on the seasons page 15 minutes before games begin at pm EST or pm EST.

Brackets will be made at pm EST and if your team has not checked in, you will not participate and will not receive a refund.

Undefeateds play undefeateds until there is only one left. We reserve the right to make small format changes as they make sense.

0 to first place (1), 0 to second place (2), to third place (4), to fourth place (4).

The use of amateur-grade ham radio as a means to talk to Earth from spaces goes back decades to when astronaut Owen Garriott brought a handheld ham radio with him as part of the Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment(SAREX) and used it to chat with students and other amateur radio while careening around the Earth at 17,000 mph.

There are many more alternatives to Chatroulette in case it goes down or if you want to switch to some other.

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