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All that said, I think you guys will like the way things are done here, assuming options I got done aren’t too buggy. Got some things for doing yoga in her house wired up with the proper menu and started work on the interactions for bedding her the first time. 1,200 lines of code just to rough out the basic scenes and logic. That document is over 150 pages long and comes with a flowchart), and some setup for sparring her.

I still need to wire up all the menus and replace some placeholder if-checks with appropriate conditionals, then test the whole mess. Turns out the blind yoga-girl has some next-level kung-fu stuff going on.

British counterattacks attempted to crush it but failed.

Eventually, the Free French at Bir Hachiem were forced to withdraw and Rommel was able to break out of the Cauldron.

Her crew-member stuff doesn’t add any new sex scenes, just variances to many of her old non-sexual behaviors. My gut instinct is to say that this is a smaller update, but it adds something like 20 pages of new content on top of some stuff Jacques00 and Upcast Drake merged in. The flowcharts actually helped me out at one point, if you can believe it.

B uses a lot of non-standard methods of communicating logic flow that slow me down a little, but it’s easy enough to parse.

XXX Corps (30 Corps) was a corps of the British Army during the Second World War.

The corps saw extensive service in North Africa at El Alamein in late 1942 and in Tunisia and Sicily in 1943.

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Britain, which was the first major nation to field a completely mechanized army, was particularly dependent on the Middle Eastern oil.

The Suez Canal also provided Britain with a valuable link to her overseas dominions–part of a lifeline that ran through the Mediterranean Sea.

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