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H., Trieloff, M., Buchner, E., Hopp, J., Tohver, E., Pesonen, L.

Schmieder, M., Jourdan, F., Moilanen, J., Buchner, E. (2016): A Late Mesoproterozoic 40Ar/39Ar age for a melt breccia from the Keurusselkä impact structure, Finland - Meteoritics and Planetary Science 51, 303-322. Schmieder, M., Tohver, E., Jourdan, F., Denyszyn, S.

His wife Kara survived the crash, which broke her jaw in three places, and other sightseers and members of a wedding party were also injured in the collision, Weng said.

At sea, their boat capsized—four women and a child died as a result.Moreover, I curate a comprehensive collection of impactite thin-sections from a large number of terrestrial impact structures worldwide, soon to be turned into an online compendium. (Diploma Geologist), Institute of Geology and Paleontology, University of Stuttgart, Germany Since July 2015: USRA Postdoctoral Fellow, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston March 2014–June 2015: Independent Researcher, Philippines October 2011–February 2014: Postdoctoral Research Associate at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia, Perth; University Associate at the Department of Applied Geology and John de Laeter Centre for Isotope Research, Curtin University, Perth, Australia March 2008–September 2011: Scientific Employee at the Institute of Planetology, University of Stuttgart, Germany I have served as a reviewer for the following journals: Science Advances Scientific Reports Earth and Planetary Science Letters Meteoritics & Planetary Science Geological Society of America Special Papers Geological Society London Special Publications Journal of South American Earth Sciences Geo Arabia Meteorites Journal articles (peer-reviewed): Buchner, E. (2017): Rare metals on shatter cone surfaces from the Steinheim Basin (SW Germany) – remnants of the impacting body? My previous and ongoing research includes the optical microscopic and SEM-aided petrography and geochemistry of impactites, meteorites, and shock metamorphic effects in rocks and minerals; classical field geology; the sedimentology of impact structures and materials; remote sensing; and the isotopic dating of large impact events using the 40Ar/39Ar dating technique on impact melt rocks and glasses, and U–Pb dating of impact-metamorphosed zircons. For more information and a full publication list, please visit my personal website About 60 people diverted their holiday weekend plans for a tribute at the Sandpiper Bar in Laguna Beach to honor their friend William Poovey, who died in a freak accident in Zimbabwe on Friday, July 4.Poovey, 43, suffered fatal injuries when a tourist tram near Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls was rammed by a freight train, according to Poovey’s best friend, Larry Weng, of Irvine.

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