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So parents have to be on guard and become familiar with what's going on," said Rania Mankarious, executive director of Crime Stoppers of Houston.Mankarious says there are many smartphone apps parents need to be aware of.

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A view of what you're broadcasting is always pinned to the lower right hand corner of your screen, and as more and more people are added, the call's grid view dynamically adjusts to show you as many participants as it can.

A jaw-dropping app that lets you turn your i Phone into a basic 3D scanner, creating pictures that appear to move in front of your eyes as you rotate the phone.

It’s great fun, and simple to create your own 3D seenes.

"Just do a quick search of apps that they purchased, free, downloaded, whatever the case may be," Mankarious said.

"We do our best to protect them, but if we're not up to date with technology, we really, really can put them in harm's way."And the dangers could go far beyond secretive texting and image sharing with friends."There are child predators who know about these apps, and try to engage with your child.

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