Dating a single parent children

The fig-include youngsters up to the age of 16 plus 16 to 18-year-olds in full-time education.

- There are many different things that I take into consideration when it comes to parenting.

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Get a handle on finances: Raising a family on one income, or relying on an ex-spouse for child support, can be one of the hardest aspects of parenting alone.

(Atticus, use a ruler and slap it in your hand looking at Scout and Jem symbolizing a Spanking as punishment) Atticus is a very effective parent to Scout and Jem....

[tags: Parents, Lee Harper, Kill A Mockingbird, reinterpr] - How Does Harper Lee Show Atticus To Be a Good Parent.

Parents are examples for their kids whether they like it or not.... Alexandra, from my understanding, a good parent is one who creates a safe nurturing environment for a child to grow up in, displays characteristics of a positive role model, and is an active part of a child’s life.

(Atticus, look at Scout and Jem affectionately ) Good parents provide moral guidance, sets limitations, and implements consequences for a child’s behavior.

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