Chely wright dating

An attractive woman, she has got a beautiful face and has got blue pair of captivating eyes, along with her long blonde hair and hot lips.

Also, she has got a very good character and is known for her simplicity and down- to- earth nature, which makes it easy for her to be with people.

Gay country music star Chely Wright has opened up about her odd romance with Brad Paisley in a revealing new memoir.

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The singer, who revealed that she was a lesbian last year, saw her sales plummet by two-thirds, a stark indication that the country music community is still not entirely comfortable with the idea of homosexuality.On May 4, 2010, Wright simultaneously released her memoir, Like Me, and her first album of new songs since 2005, Lifted Off the Ground.Newly out-of-the-closet Chely Wright says she has "cried a million times" about hurting fellow country singer and one-time boyfriend Brad Paisley.Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer announced their engagement in April 2011 and were legally married in Connecticut in August 2011.Chely Wright announced that she and her wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wright are expecting twins in the summer of 2013. Chely Wright's rep told people magazine, "They met through their youth advocacy work, and say that their passion for Scrabble holds them together."Chely Wright told Lesbian Life in an interview about her relationship with Lauren: "Every day I can’t believe it.

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