Dating autumn reeser

It’s a role the actress is familiar with, having gone toe-to-toe with Much like her agent character on the HBO comedy, Leslie is “great at her job,” Reeser describes. I feel like she’s very modern and very now.” But the similarities between the two shows end there.

“She’s very clear about her opinions, and she’s not afraid to share them. “This is much more of an exploration of the relationship side of Hollywood,” Reeser says.

She has been active since 2001 and has also appeared in the series No Ordinary Family, The O. She has also had roles in the films The Girl Next Door (2004) and Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008).

After graduating from Carlsbad High School, she moved to Los Angeles to study at UCLA. She had a recurring role as Lizzie Grant in the HBO series Entourage from 2009 to 2010.

She starred as Taylor Townsend in the Fox series The O. Reeser played the starring role of Phoebe Valentine, Goddess of the Oracle at Delphi, in the CW Network series Valentine.

What could you not live without while you were pregnant? How did you stay in such great shape during your pregnancy? I've been practicing yoga since I was 17, and making time for prenatal yoga was a priority for me because it's my primary stress-reliever. Also, I planned to give birth naturally, and I used my workout sessions to work on my mindset and prepare for that experience. I typically have very reliable skin, but in my fourth month I broke out, and it was such a challenge to keep my skin healthy while working long hours on set of No Ordinary Family. Usually I just push through tired moments with coffee and willpower, but in pregnancy I allowed myself the chance to sleep almost anytime I felt like it.

I never did really solve that problem, but it went away on its own once I wrapped the series and stopped wearing such heavy makeup. I took an afternoon nap nearly every day, and when I was working, I slept in my trailer in between just about every scene. Did you use any stretch-mark prevention creams and did you have any luck with them?

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