Armstrong dating olsen

Another couple with a significant age difference, Cher and Tom Cruise were an item in the 80s.

Cher, who was 39 at the time, has admitted that she was "crazy" about 23 year old Cruise.

Turns out Ashley Olsen and her much older boyfriend weren't two of a kind after all.

Looks like Mary-Kate isn't the only Olsen twin who had a May-December romance.A source told the magazine that the former "Full House" star, who, along with twin sister Mary-Kate has launched several fashion lines over the years, wants to focus on her clothing line.The source also said that Olsen and Sachs, who were first linked last October, are still in contact and remain friends.However, in 2012, Lance was banned from competitive cycling and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after he admitted to the use of performance-enhancing drugs., Kudrow credits O'Brien with inspiring her to follow her dreams.

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