Network clients time not updating

Without a way for DHCP to interact with DNS, the information maintained by DNS for a DHCP client may be incorrect.

For example, a client may acquire its IP address from a DHCP server, but the DNS records would not reflect the IP address acquired nor provide a mapping from the new IP address to the computer name (FQDN).

Hi I'm in the situation where 500 clients out of about 700 are just not updating to the latest DATs.

I'm also in the unfortunate position of finding out what's going on :confused: Some machines are still running NT4.0, some are on XP, all running Virusscan 7. There don't seem to be any errors in the updating process other than 'update list doesn't exist or is empty.

In Windows 2000, DHCP servers and clients can register with DNS to provide this update service if the DNS server supports DNS with dynamic updates.

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We have a mapped drive that is not always refreshing.

We have a satellite link to get our network time signal for the domain controllers.

This can be achieved many ways using time servers on the Internet or governmental dial-up time servers.

Now it has patch 6, but now the numbers of '5 or more versions out of date' clients is growing by the day, almost as if the patch has made things worse!

I will also state that even though we are expected to find a fix, my company is REALLY unlikely to update e PO or Virusscan to their latest versions as a new solution is apparently on the way.

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